Video Music Pack
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You can audition and choose royalty free music one track at a time at one of the best prices per individual track you’ll find on the internet! Only buy what you want when you need it. As always, we include a full extended buy-out licenses that allows you to use this in yours or a client’s video. Best of all you can use it in as many productions as you want. Pay for it once and it becomes a permanent track in your library to use whenever you want to!

Video Music Pack
ini Packs

Save even more by buying our Mini Packs. Each Mini-Pack comes with 3-6 songs with multiple lengths and mixes of each song for 21-24 tracks in each Mini-Pack. You save by buying multiple tracks at a time. Our Mini-Packs are a perfect way to build your library and still get amazing prices with our full extended license! Multiple songs with multiple lengths and even different mixes.

Video Music Pack Mega Packs

Our Mega-Packs represent the lowest cost per track you’ll find! You get tons of selections including various lengths etc. all for one low price. If you have a lot of different music needs, this is the best way to build your music library fast and cheap. You may not use every track in the package but at the low price you still come out ahead over buying individual tracks or Mini-Packs.

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